Japanese fish dishes and delicious sake, NAGOMI



Creamall, Main Sreet of Kawagoe city, is a busy street day and night.

However, northern area is relatively quiet.

If you spend a good time drinking and talking with your friends, we know some ideal places at the area and recommend them to you.

One of them is NAGOMI, offering Japanese dishes and delicious Sake, a few minutes walk from the intersection with diagonal crosswalk near Honkawagoe-Station.

Today we sit at the bar.

This is non-smoking section and only 5 persons available.

In fact, it is worthy of note that the restaurant offers special menu only for those who sit in the section.


For example, they can order Sake tasting course, in Japanese Kikizake.

When you order this, you have choices of three minimum cups for one parson among various brands at a low price.

Also the restaurant offers you special course of dishes.

(Indeed, we were fascinated by the course, though we did not order that.)

First we ordered the Kikizake.

As you can see the picture, there are so many brands of Sakes, then it might be too difficult to make a selection.



If you can find familiar brands among the list, ordering them would be a nice choice.

It is also good idea to make a selection to match with foods.

Having choices according to your mood, it is not bad at all.

The picture shows Kikizake course for two persons.

As the pictures, the bottles of Sake which you make choices are displayed on the countertop.

For this you can appreciate beautiful labels of each Sake brand.


The picture shows Tsukidashi or Otooshi.

It is an appetizer served to every guests, a kind of cover charges.

This time, two dishes are served, one is 「Uzaku」, eel and cucumber in vinegar dressing, another is 「Nanohana no Ohitashi」, boiled rapeblossoms in soy sourse.


These are only some parts of the restaurant’s menu.



We ordered some dishes as the pictures.

One is Sashimi of young yellow tail landed at Kamakura.

Apparently non-fatty, but it tastes delicious.


Assorted tempura dish, which we strongly recommend, reflects a sense of season.

This time, three kinds of vegetables are fried, Kogomi, Ostrich fern in English, Gyojya-Ninniku, alpine leak, they are sorts of mountain vegetables, and Takenoko, bamboo sprout.

If you would like to enjoy a flavor of the ingredients, we recommend salt as a seasoning.

Tentsuyu, a Japanese dipping sauce of Tempura, too delicious.

So, we also recommend this sauce to those who take salt mostly.


Hotaruika-dish, a kind of squid, cooked by three different methods, roasted(left), marinated(center), and boiled with Sumiso sauce, vinegared bean paste, for dipping(right).

Among them roasted one is the best, we think.


As the result of Kikizake you can find your favorite, please enjoy drinking that one in full size cup of Sake, Ichigou, about 180ml.

We ordered two brands of Sake, 「Hanaabi」 made in Saitama, 「Kamokinsyuu」 made in Hiroshima.

As you can see, so beautiful cups and Ochokos, small Sake cup, are prepared.

Thanks for the nice glasses, we had another cup of Sake.


Also we ordered the third dish, 「Anago-no-Shirayaki」, grilled conger eel as the picture.

At a first, we tasted without seasoning. After that, with Sansho, Japanese pepper and Wasabi, Japanese horse radish.

We think Sake with sweet and much flavor might be match with this dish.


Last, we have ordered Soba-noodle.

We were slightly drunk at that time, for that reason we have forgotten to take pictures of Soba-noodle.

Carefully selected ingredients and cups of delicious sake filled not only the body but also the soul, we believe.

According to the web-site, menus in English, in Traditional Chinese Character, in Simplified Chinese Character, in Korean are available.

Also some staffs can speak English and Korean.

Translated into English by Osamu Kanazawa

Photos,Written(Japanese) by Hisako Homma



【Address】 Amiteihonkawagoe202, 1-3-9, Shintomicho, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama

【Phone】049-223-1661  +81(0)49-223-1661

【Open】Tuesday-Sunday. 17:00 to 24:00 (Last call 23:00 )

【Close】Monday are closed.